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How Our Booking Process Work?


Before contacting Gullimusic
• Visit our Artist Booking section for Artist availability
• Check with local venues for date availability.
• Have a good idea of the time frame and the budget you’re working with. 
• Check for other local concerts that might conflict with yours.

Before making an offer 

• Secure a tentative venue hold for the event. 
• If you need more information prior to submitting a binding offer, submit an Artist Inquiry to check on date availability, fee and rider requirements (we normally respond within 24 hours). 
• Speak with your agent about any additional questions you may have. 
• Secure all the funds that you will need for the project as discussed with your agent. 

Making an offer

• Ask your representative to e-mail you an offer form or submit your offer online. 
• Once you have submitted the offer we will send you a binder agreement and ask you to forward a refundable advance. This advance serves as a financial binder that you as the promoter will go ahead with the planned event and honor the offer put forward. 
• Now we wait, your representative will contact you as soon as they have an answer. There shall be absolutely NO advertising (even by word of mouth) until you have received confirmation from GULLIMUSIC that your date has been approved by the artist management. 
• Once your offer is approved, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail and performance contract & artist riders will be issued. 
• Review the contract & rider, e-Sign online or return by fax. 
• Upon execution of performance agreement, the first half of the artist fee (deposit) must be wired. 
• Advertisement of the scheduled event can now begin.




Music is the Weapon


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