Gullibanque Band Roots Reggae

Origin: Jamaica

Genre: Reggae/World

Years Active: 1987 - Present

Label: Gullimusic

Official Websites: www.gullimusic.com

Paul Campbell, the renowned Jamaican actor and previous manager of Couples Resort in Ochos Rios, Jamaica, formed the group


GULLIBANQUE in Kingston, Jamaica in 1988.  With Chris, Richard, Courtland White and the addition of Merle Gayle in 1992, GULLIBANQUE has established a distinguishable reputation that is international in scope. With the inspiration of the Honorable Robert Nesta (Bob) Marley, With a solid foundation of achievements such as: JAMI awards for Best Female Vocalist, Martins International Reggae/World Beat Awards (IRAWMA) for Best Band Best Female Vocalist and Best Bass Player,


Gullibanque has proved that with their positive vibe, skillful artistry and powerful messages they are definitely mainstays in the reggae music industry. GULLIBANQUE continues to spread their musical talent in Jamaica, Chicago and around the world.  Reggae fans hail GULLIBANQUE to be one of the hottest Reggae groups in Jamaica today.


Reggae is the Weapon