We Released our first Single in 1993 entitled Feel The Need Second Single in 1998 entitled Relax Your Mine Third Single We Are in 2001 And our Fourth Single Feeling in 2005 Finally we Released Our Album Grass Roots in 2007.Currently we're working on our next Album Entitled Master Plan. Detail Coming Soon!!!


1.Single Feel The Need ( 1993 )

2.Single Relax Your Mine ( 1998 )

3.Single We Are ( 2001 )

4.Single Feeling ( 2007 )


Album Entitled Grass Roots ( 2007 Tracks )

1. Grass Roots

2. Rise Jah Children

3. Rise Up

4. My King

5. Ghetto Youths

6. We Are

7. Dance Vibes

8. Rude Boy

9. Have Mercy

10. Sticky

11. Relax

12. Run Around

13. Brother's


Gullibanque Band MembersLead Vocalist:


Merle Gayle

Bass/Back Up Vocalist: Christopher Nicholson

Drums/Back Up Vocalist: Richard Nicholson

Keyboards: Nigel Shaw and Orlando Johnson

Rhythm & Lead Guitar: Courtland White



Christopher, Richard Norman and Courtland the founding members of GULLIBANQUE entered the world of Reggae music on the North Coast of Jamaica and made their group known by playing in places such as Couples and Sandals Resort


Paul Campbell, the famous Jamaican actor formed the group and also served in a managerial capacity at Couples Resort in Ocho Rios Jamaica, promoted the group in Kingston Jamaica in 1988. With the addition of Merle Gayle in 1992, GULLIBANQUE has established a distinguishable reputation that is international in scope. With the inspiration of the Honorable Robert Nester (Bob) Marley, the band established a solid foundation of achievements such as:JAMI awards for Best Female Vocalist, the Martins International Reggae/World Beat Awards (IRAWMA) for Best Band, Best Female Vocalist and Best Bass Player. Gullibanque has proved that with their positive vibe, skillful artistry and powerful messages they are definitely main stream in the reggae industry.


GULLIBANQUE continues to spread their musical talent in Jamaica, Chicago and around the world.


Reggae fans hail GULLIBANQUE to be one of the hottest Reggae groups in Jamaica today.




Merle Gayle

Lead Vocalist


Merle Gayle a well known Jamaican singer, has performed professionally since 1980. Merle started her career at the age of 16 when she began singing gospel music in churches across Jamaica. Merle performed as a gospel singer for 14 years. She sang back up and lead vocals for artistes such as Carlene Davis, David Keane and the Sunshine Singers. In 1986, Merle joined the Nicholson Singers and performed Reggae Gospel music for churches and non-profit religious organizations. In 1990, Merle became the lead singer of GULLIBANQUE, performing at places such as China Club and Excalibur. With a solid foundation of achievements, she has been awarded numerous awards such as the JAMI Award for Best Female Vocalist in Jamaica, and the Best Female Vocalist at the 13th Annual Martin's International Reggae Music Awards. Merle continued making special guest appearances at the Wild Hare, and with Zeleke. She too extended her talents to include writing lyrics for the up-coming GULLIBANQUE CD, Grass Roots.


Christopher Nicholson



Christopher Nicholson began performing in 1986 with the Nicholson Singers in Jamaica. Their unique blend of Gospel and Reggae music became a hit. They toured Jamaica , Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and the USA earning an international reputation. Christopher has backed other artistes such as: Jesse Dixson, Derryl Coley, and numerous Jamaican artistes like Tinga Stewart, Dennis Brown, Ken Booth, Ruddy Thomas, Frankie Paul, Buju Banton, Yellow Man, Lady G, Sister Charmaine, Trevor Roper, Lord Lawro, Calypso Rose, Flower Gun, and Peter Metro just to name a few. He previously lead the group GULLIBANQUE in its U.S. engagements and also with the recording of their hit single, Feel the Need. Christopher's honors include winning The Best Bass Player Award at the 13th Annual Martin's International Reggae Music Awards. Other accomplishments this talented musician has achieved are touring with U.N.I. Band; assistant producer for Out of Africa (the second CD by Zeleke); Also produced One Man Alone Single For Anthony B and producing/playing bass on the CD Simone by Nina Simone's daughter, the former star of Rent and doing guest performances with her on several of her live shows.


Richard Nicholson Drummer/Producer


Richard Nicholson began playing music in church at the age of seventeen. He also performed with the Nicholson singers during their tours in Jamaica, Guantanamo Bay, and the United States of America.


Richard played drums for other Reggae entertainers such as: Tings Stewart, Dennis Brown, Ken Booth, Ruddy Thomas, Frankie Paul, Buju Banton, Yellow Man, Lady G, Sister Charmaine, Trevor Roper, Lord Lawro, Calypso Rose, Flower Gun, and Peter Metro among many others. Richard toured the USA as a member of GULLIBANQUE and assisted in the recording of the hit single Grass Roots. Richard continued his career by touring with the U.N.I. Band, as well as being assistant producer of the second album Out of Africa by Zeleke.



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